The two main choices to be made with exposed aggregate concrete is what colour concrete? and what selection of aggregates to choose? The combination of these two choices make up to what we term a ‘mix’.

    Premium mixes are available in grey, off-white, or charcoal/black concrete.

    Classic Grey Concrete
    Classic grey is versatile and fits in well with any surround.

    Off-white Concrete
    The use of white cement instead of grey cement gives a sandy colour to the concrete. This works well to brighten up a home, perhaps in contrast to dark features.

    Charcoal/Black Concrete
    Black oxide is added to darken the mix. A dark exposed aggregate concrete benefits by making oil stains and other marks less noticeable.

    Colour Oxide
    A wide range of colour oxides besides black can be added to grey or off-white concrete. This adds further cost to your exposed aggregate making it what we call our ‘Premium Plus’ product. Your quote will be for premium exposed aggregate, if you wish to upgrade to Premium Plus there will be an additional charge depending on what colour you choose.


    The exposed concrete aggregate is chosen for its visual qualities aswell as being soft underfoot. However aggregates can aldso be sourced to provide greater grip under foot, ie using crushed rock aggregates on a steep path or staircase.

    Different aggregates can be chosen for different settings. For example a more rural setting may call for a more natural looking mix such as a bluestone or granite mix, or perhaps the addition of a coloured oxide to blend in with the environment. In town the colours found upon the property will encourage your choice, perhaps a colour to match the roof, to contrast with the garage door or an aggregate to match flecks and colours in the brick work.

    The aggregates we choose are selected for their quality and consistency and are all guaranteed not to contain iron oxide or iron pyrite which would leak stains into the concrete.